Friday, September 13, 2019

It's time to move on: 7 reasons to change jobs

you hate work
It’s scary to think how many people work where they don’t want to. Work takes 80% of active life. If you have to spend the best years on a career, let the process be at least enjoyable.

Modern training systems allow the almost impossible. For example, a locksmith may retrain as a programmer or marketer.

Of course, such drastic changes are rare. But the general idea is clear.

 Don't be afraid to take the first step - to get started, simply post your resume and look around.

You do not get along with your boss and colleagues
It is difficult to give business etiquette, teamwork, and “live” communication is not your thing - urgently need to change something!

To get started, “rummage” in yourself. What is interesting to you, what are your strengths, where you can apply your knowledge - after the action plan will become clearer, but easier on the soul.

You are not paid enough money
Let us confess to ourselves without hesitation - we love money.

And we agree to do certain work for a reason. Salary shortages and overt greed of employers have become so commonplace that we take this injustice for granted.

The first thing to do is find out how much your profile specialists earn in a specific city or region. Perhaps for financial zen, you just need to change your employer.

In the opposite case, we advise you to do self-education and enroll in courses in order to get the highest paid job in the near future.

You are "stuck" in the same position
Dreams of a dizzying career do not always come true. Often, ambitious and capable workers quickly reach the so-called "glass ceiling." In order not to get into the situation, many HR experts advise to discuss their career prospects with the manager at the interview stage.

A conversation about prospects will not hurt in a critical situation: explain the excitement and ambition. A wise leader will surely find application to an initiative worker, and if conversations do not yield results, quit with a clear conscience.

You are bored and sick
Suddenly realized that the real work is not your calling. Do not be discouraged or give up. Statistics say that on average a person changes jobs 10-15 times in his life. I would like to do something else - do not cling to the "hatched" place, but follow the dream.

When the work schedule is torture
Often you have to combine a busy working day with family, study, personal affairs, and this is exhausting. Everyone has different biorhythms and habits.

Tired of being a slave to the work schedule, and I want more freedom - it's time to think about finding a job with a free or moving schedule.

This option is quite common and is great for family people.

Feelings speak
Intuition is a tricky thing. It seems that everything is good and smooth, but the subconscious mind does not give rest - it's time to think about a job change.

In order not to become a victim of stressful dismissal, make a list of pros and cons.

Try to approach this issue wisely and find a replacement in advance. Practice shows that it is much easier to get a vacant place when you are still employed.

Do what you can and be happy!

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