Friday, September 13, 2019

Employee loyalty: why fight for it and how to evaluate

Each owner of the company wants to achieve the full return of employees - treating business as their own.

We will tell you how to increase staff loyalty and what to consider when evaluating engagement.

High expectations
Unconditional devotion is a myth. Therefore, investing in the development of employee loyalty large amounts is useless.

A professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, Jonas Ridderstrale, proved that the obsession with the leadership to create a team of faithful and ready-made workers only demotivates. According to the Swedish economist, if an employee did a good job and left home on time, this is an excellent employee.

We must not forget that everyone is interested in personal gain, and it’s stupid to call employees to “make sacrifices” for the success of the company.

In addition, to achieve 100% return on each employee is also meaningless. For example, what will change the fanatical loyalty of the secretary or office manager. It is more profitable to cultivate this quality among promising personnel whose work results have a real impact on the state of the business.

What is loyalty?
Often, managers make the same mistake in assessing staff involvement - they do not take into account the quality and complexity of the work performed. For most, loyalty is only a degree of fidelity.

For a correct assessment of employee involvement, first of all, it is necessary to establish a relationship between the benefit of the company and the personal beneficial individual employee. In other words, will his efforts be rewarded.

In addition, loyalty is a rather vague and difficult to measure concept. It is much more important to monitor the overall satisfaction and atmosphere in the team. Studies have shown non-material motivation and human concern for comfort qualitatively increase the "level of happiness" within the company.

As stated in the book "Tayota Tao. 14 principles of management of a leading company in the world": "A happy employee is a good employee."

4 easy ways to increase staff engagement
One of the easiest ways to influence the level of loyalty is to abandon the classic vertical hierarchy. The openness and accessibility of management creates trust in the company, and is recognized as an effective way of motivation.

It's no secret that high salaries are not the only way to retain valuable employees. Not for everyone, material wealth is the fundamental aspiration of a person, remember the Maslow pyramid. But awareness of their own importance is necessary for everyone.

Just start praising workers. For the cause, of course. Achievements can be noted as a “one-on-one”, and publicly - use both methods.

Corporate parties are the best team building. Develop a corporate culture, because these are not only New Year's parties and birthday cake. Get your traditions, chips, reward system. Make life in the office interesting and fulfilling.

The boss does not always know what the workers want. Listen to your employees. Get a box of ideas and suggestions or discuss everything over tea once a month.

A new computer mouse, cookies of a different brand or a board game - a trifle thing at first glance, can greatly affect the level of employee satisfaction.

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