Friday, September 13, 2019

6 reasons to update your resume

Statute of limitations has expired
Changes are simply necessary if the resume is morally outdated. What worked 5 years ago today will scare off the employer.

Reread the resume and cross out:

Mark on marital status and children
Moreover, you were not too lazy to list everyone by name with birthdays, dates of marriage and others. Leave family stories for tea parties; there is no place for “family secrets” in the summary.

Reasons for leaving your previous job
Remember, a recruiter spends 10-15 seconds on a resume, and unnecessary information only lubricates the overall impression. In addition, the interview will be sure to ask about it personally, but you should have a good resumee anyway, use resume writing servise -, to upgrade your resume

All work experience
Do not include irrelevant work experience in the resume. Frankly speaking, eycharu still doesn’t have experience in selling a job as a PHP developer.

Born, studied, married - this is how each resume ended 10-15 years ago. Today, this technique is outdated, and is perceived as an attempt to fill the gaps in competencies and experience.

Also unnecessary information includes hobbies and personal qualities of the candidate. For example, an employer does not need to know that you are a very good friend and love horses - let this be a pleasant surprise.

Desire for more
Do not like the salary, schedule, location of the office or position - update the resume. List all your desired requirements. If you want to earn 100 thousand rubles - do not hesitate to declare it. True, high demands must be supported by arguments: skills, real achievements and other evidence of a “high price tag”.

Professional leveling
Be sure to supplement the CV every time you get a new skill: finished the competitions, learned on your own, passed the training - it doesn’t matter.

Systematic and timely accounting of skills will save time in the future and will help in an independent "sober" assessment.

Following the dream
Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in becoming an astronaut or "director of chocolate." But what if the childhood dream does not let go - to rewrite the resume, of course.

If you want to change your profession or move closer to the sea - first prepare a questionnaire for changes: indicate the desired profession or city of future work.

There is something to brag about
The real result of the work will tell about the candidate more than a long list of skills. They completed a successful project, closed a deal for several million - do not hold this “card” for a personal meeting.

Perhaps it is professional success that will make a personnel specialist pay attention to you.

Career success
Often, applicants indicate in the resume only the last position of the previous place of employment. Some are shy of a career background, others simply do not attach importance.

In fact, information about promotion within the company can give a better characterization of the employee. For example, if you started as an ordinary content manager and quit as a successful project manager, this is not a success story.

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