Friday, September 13, 2019

How to create a resume from scratch

Or the name of the resume. Here you need to write the most common name of the desired position. For example: sales manager, driver, English teacher, PHP programmer.

The title of the resume does not need to indicate the specifics and level of proficiency in the profession. For example: a building materials sales manager, a novice Java programmer, a remote accountant.

In the column “Position” it is impossible to indicate several professions at once. For example: Driver \ Tiler \ Logist.

If you plan to look for work in different specialties - for each you will have to create a separate resume with the appropriate name and skills.

In the CV, it is better to indicate only specialized vocational education - universities and colleges, certificates and courses that are directly related to work.

Data on secondary education, a music school and others are not required to be indicated - this is useless information for the employer and burdensome resume.

It is important to remember that when listing previous jobs, only talk about relevant experiences.

For example, when looking for a job as a journalist: you can - write about experience in newspapers, magazines, about copywriting on a remote site, work experience as a pr and smm specialist, and other activities in related fields. It is impossible to mention the experience of working as an administrator of a fitness center, a seller-consultant for perfumes and other work experience not related to mass media.

A common resume mistake is to rewrite all work experience from a work book, starting from the summer part-time courier at the age of 18.

The employer is interested to know about similar work experience and what the candidate has been doing for the last 3 years - this is the main thing.

Do not write about sociability and diligence. Responsible and punctual candidates are frankly fed up with HR specialists and are not remembered.

Just list useful professional skills as part of your resume. Proficiency in programs, techniques, professional competencies and knowledge.

For example: fluent English, team management, HTML, JavaScript, PHP5, CSS, Yii, Atlassian Jira, MySQL - a set of developer skills.

Do not forget, in the resume you can not specify false information. The deception will necessarily be revealed and inflict a serious reputation blow.

About myself
In a resume, you do not need to write about a hobby and write an autobiography in detail for a job search.

A story about yourself should not exceed 10-15 sentences and contain the information that the employer needs: professional level, number of successfully completed projects, total amount of closed transactions, professional awards, ratings and achievements.

You can also supplement the information on the courses taken, tell in more detail about rare and useful professional skills.

The salary
In addition to the basic information in the CV, it is necessary to indicate the amount of the desired salary. There are many problems with this - I don’t want to set a small bar, but also not to overestimate salary expectations.

To adequately assess the value of the labor market, you will have to conduct a small study: study the statistics of the salaries of colleagues both on average in Russia and in a particular city, to understand its practical value and level of skills.

The only way to increase or maintain your own value as a specialist is to constantly learn.

The photo
Photo is needed. We have long understood that resumes with photographs are liked more and are well remembered. For this case, a portrait photo is suitable.

Photos from vacations, fishing and model pictures in the autumn foliage leave for personal archive.

Do not forget about the structure. On average, hr spends 5-10 seconds getting to know the candidate's profile. During this time, the specialist runs his eyes along the main points and draws conclusions.

A beautiful structure and subtitles will help highlight the main and will not allow the recruiter to miss important information.

The language of the resume should be business and simple enough - without highly specialized terminology and professional jargon.

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