Friday, September 13, 2019

Have come for an interview - get ready for role-playing games

Group interview: game scenario

A collective interview usually involves three steps — presentation, self-promotion, and situation. First, the human resources manager or director of the company represents the organization, highlighting various aspects of the activities of employees. Then each of the applicants talks about himself and explains why he is suitable for this position. In other words, he has to “sell” himself! At the same time, the employer evaluates not only the professional qualities of the speaker, but also the creative approach, and sometimes the sense of humor, without which it is difficult to survive in a motley team.

And finally, at the third stage, various situations are designed where people play role-playing games and open up from a new perspective, as a result of which it becomes clear whether they are suitable for work in the company or not.

There is another scenario, when several interviewers fall on one candidate - they exert psychological pressure, playing the scenario of a “bad and good cop”.

Disadvantages of a group interview

Performances in public cause a lot of excitement in many people, so they can behave unnaturally. In this case, the director or personnel manager may have a wrong idea about the applicant, and this is the main minus of the group interview.

He suggests dividing a large group of candidates into mini-teams and giving them their tasks. This removes unnecessary stress and creates a more comfortable environment for communication and the manifestation of one's professional abilities.

Do not be afraid of group interviews, and even if you are not hired, you will get an excellent experience and better know yourself. And this will certainly help to succeed in life!

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