Friday, September 13, 2019

It's time to move on: 7 reasons to change jobs

you hate work
It’s scary to think how many people work where they don’t want to. Work takes 80% of active life. If you have to spend the best years on a career, let the process be at least enjoyable.

Modern training systems allow the almost impossible. For example, a locksmith may retrain as a programmer or marketer.

Of course, such drastic changes are rare. But the general idea is clear.

 Don't be afraid to take the first step - to get started, simply post your resume and look around.

You do not get along with your boss and colleagues
It is difficult to give business etiquette, teamwork, and “live” communication is not your thing - urgently need to change something!

To get started, “rummage” in yourself. What is interesting to you, what are your strengths, where you can apply your knowledge - after the action plan will become clearer, but easier on the soul.

You are not paid enough money
Let us confess to ourselves without hesitation - we love money.

And we agree to do certain work for a reason. Salary shortages and overt greed of employers have become so commonplace that we take this injustice for granted.

The first thing to do is find out how much your profile specialists earn in a specific city or region. Perhaps for financial zen, you just need to change your employer.

In the opposite case, we advise you to do self-education and enroll in courses in order to get the highest paid job in the near future.

You are "stuck" in the same position
Dreams of a dizzying career do not always come true. Often, ambitious and capable workers quickly reach the so-called "glass ceiling." In order not to get into the situation, many HR experts advise to discuss their career prospects with the manager at the interview stage.

A conversation about prospects will not hurt in a critical situation: explain the excitement and ambition. A wise leader will surely find application to an initiative worker, and if conversations do not yield results, quit with a clear conscience.

You are bored and sick
Suddenly realized that the real work is not your calling. Do not be discouraged or give up. Statistics say that on average a person changes jobs 10-15 times in his life. I would like to do something else - do not cling to the "hatched" place, but follow the dream.

When the work schedule is torture
Often you have to combine a busy working day with family, study, personal affairs, and this is exhausting. Everyone has different biorhythms and habits.

Tired of being a slave to the work schedule, and I want more freedom - it's time to think about finding a job with a free or moving schedule.

This option is quite common and is great for family people.

Feelings speak
Intuition is a tricky thing. It seems that everything is good and smooth, but the subconscious mind does not give rest - it's time to think about a job change.

In order not to become a victim of stressful dismissal, make a list of pros and cons.

Try to approach this issue wisely and find a replacement in advance. Practice shows that it is much easier to get a vacant place when you are still employed.

Do what you can and be happy!

How to create a resume from scratch

Or the name of the resume. Here you need to write the most common name of the desired position. For example: sales manager, driver, English teacher, PHP programmer.

The title of the resume does not need to indicate the specifics and level of proficiency in the profession. For example: a building materials sales manager, a novice Java programmer, a remote accountant.

In the column “Position” it is impossible to indicate several professions at once. For example: Driver \ Tiler \ Logist.

If you plan to look for work in different specialties - for each you will have to create a separate resume with the appropriate name and skills.

In the CV, it is better to indicate only specialized vocational education - universities and colleges, certificates and courses that are directly related to work.

Data on secondary education, a music school and others are not required to be indicated - this is useless information for the employer and burdensome resume.

It is important to remember that when listing previous jobs, only talk about relevant experiences.

For example, when looking for a job as a journalist: you can - write about experience in newspapers, magazines, about copywriting on a remote site, work experience as a pr and smm specialist, and other activities in related fields. It is impossible to mention the experience of working as an administrator of a fitness center, a seller-consultant for perfumes and other work experience not related to mass media.

A common resume mistake is to rewrite all work experience from a work book, starting from the summer part-time courier at the age of 18.

The employer is interested to know about similar work experience and what the candidate has been doing for the last 3 years - this is the main thing.

Do not write about sociability and diligence. Responsible and punctual candidates are frankly fed up with HR specialists and are not remembered.

Just list useful professional skills as part of your resume. Proficiency in programs, techniques, professional competencies and knowledge.

For example: fluent English, team management, HTML, JavaScript, PHP5, CSS, Yii, Atlassian Jira, MySQL - a set of developer skills.

Do not forget, in the resume you can not specify false information. The deception will necessarily be revealed and inflict a serious reputation blow.

About myself
In a resume, you do not need to write about a hobby and write an autobiography in detail for a job search.

A story about yourself should not exceed 10-15 sentences and contain the information that the employer needs: professional level, number of successfully completed projects, total amount of closed transactions, professional awards, ratings and achievements.

You can also supplement the information on the courses taken, tell in more detail about rare and useful professional skills.

The salary
In addition to the basic information in the CV, it is necessary to indicate the amount of the desired salary. There are many problems with this - I don’t want to set a small bar, but also not to overestimate salary expectations.

To adequately assess the value of the labor market, you will have to conduct a small study: study the statistics of the salaries of colleagues both on average in Russia and in a particular city, to understand its practical value and level of skills.

The only way to increase or maintain your own value as a specialist is to constantly learn.

The photo
Photo is needed. We have long understood that resumes with photographs are liked more and are well remembered. For this case, a portrait photo is suitable.

Photos from vacations, fishing and model pictures in the autumn foliage leave for personal archive.

Do not forget about the structure. On average, hr spends 5-10 seconds getting to know the candidate's profile. During this time, the specialist runs his eyes along the main points and draws conclusions.

A beautiful structure and subtitles will help highlight the main and will not allow the recruiter to miss important information.

The language of the resume should be business and simple enough - without highly specialized terminology and professional jargon.

6 reasons to update your resume

Statute of limitations has expired
Changes are simply necessary if the resume is morally outdated. What worked 5 years ago today will scare off the employer.

Reread the resume and cross out:

Mark on marital status and children
Moreover, you were not too lazy to list everyone by name with birthdays, dates of marriage and others. Leave family stories for tea parties; there is no place for “family secrets” in the summary.

Reasons for leaving your previous job
Remember, a recruiter spends 10-15 seconds on a resume, and unnecessary information only lubricates the overall impression. In addition, the interview will be sure to ask about it personally, but you should have a good resumee anyway, use resume writing servise -, to upgrade your resume

All work experience
Do not include irrelevant work experience in the resume. Frankly speaking, eycharu still doesn’t have experience in selling a job as a PHP developer.

Born, studied, married - this is how each resume ended 10-15 years ago. Today, this technique is outdated, and is perceived as an attempt to fill the gaps in competencies and experience.

Also unnecessary information includes hobbies and personal qualities of the candidate. For example, an employer does not need to know that you are a very good friend and love horses - let this be a pleasant surprise.

Desire for more
Do not like the salary, schedule, location of the office or position - update the resume. List all your desired requirements. If you want to earn 100 thousand rubles - do not hesitate to declare it. True, high demands must be supported by arguments: skills, real achievements and other evidence of a “high price tag”.

Professional leveling
Be sure to supplement the CV every time you get a new skill: finished the competitions, learned on your own, passed the training - it doesn’t matter.

Systematic and timely accounting of skills will save time in the future and will help in an independent "sober" assessment.

Following the dream
Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in becoming an astronaut or "director of chocolate." But what if the childhood dream does not let go - to rewrite the resume, of course.

If you want to change your profession or move closer to the sea - first prepare a questionnaire for changes: indicate the desired profession or city of future work.

There is something to brag about
The real result of the work will tell about the candidate more than a long list of skills. They completed a successful project, closed a deal for several million - do not hold this “card” for a personal meeting.

Perhaps it is professional success that will make a personnel specialist pay attention to you.

Career success
Often, applicants indicate in the resume only the last position of the previous place of employment. Some are shy of a career background, others simply do not attach importance.

In fact, information about promotion within the company can give a better characterization of the employee. For example, if you started as an ordinary content manager and quit as a successful project manager, this is not a success story.

Have come for an interview - get ready for role-playing games

Group interview: game scenario

A collective interview usually involves three steps — presentation, self-promotion, and situation. First, the human resources manager or director of the company represents the organization, highlighting various aspects of the activities of employees. Then each of the applicants talks about himself and explains why he is suitable for this position. In other words, he has to “sell” himself! At the same time, the employer evaluates not only the professional qualities of the speaker, but also the creative approach, and sometimes the sense of humor, without which it is difficult to survive in a motley team.

And finally, at the third stage, various situations are designed where people play role-playing games and open up from a new perspective, as a result of which it becomes clear whether they are suitable for work in the company or not.

There is another scenario, when several interviewers fall on one candidate - they exert psychological pressure, playing the scenario of a “bad and good cop”.

Disadvantages of a group interview

Performances in public cause a lot of excitement in many people, so they can behave unnaturally. In this case, the director or personnel manager may have a wrong idea about the applicant, and this is the main minus of the group interview.

He suggests dividing a large group of candidates into mini-teams and giving them their tasks. This removes unnecessary stress and creates a more comfortable environment for communication and the manifestation of one's professional abilities.

Do not be afraid of group interviews, and even if you are not hired, you will get an excellent experience and better know yourself. And this will certainly help to succeed in life!

Employee loyalty: why fight for it and how to evaluate

Each owner of the company wants to achieve the full return of employees - treating business as their own.

We will tell you how to increase staff loyalty and what to consider when evaluating engagement.

High expectations
Unconditional devotion is a myth. Therefore, investing in the development of employee loyalty large amounts is useless.

A professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, Jonas Ridderstrale, proved that the obsession with the leadership to create a team of faithful and ready-made workers only demotivates. According to the Swedish economist, if an employee did a good job and left home on time, this is an excellent employee.

We must not forget that everyone is interested in personal gain, and it’s stupid to call employees to “make sacrifices” for the success of the company.

In addition, to achieve 100% return on each employee is also meaningless. For example, what will change the fanatical loyalty of the secretary or office manager. It is more profitable to cultivate this quality among promising personnel whose work results have a real impact on the state of the business.

What is loyalty?
Often, managers make the same mistake in assessing staff involvement - they do not take into account the quality and complexity of the work performed. For most, loyalty is only a degree of fidelity.

For a correct assessment of employee involvement, first of all, it is necessary to establish a relationship between the benefit of the company and the personal beneficial individual employee. In other words, will his efforts be rewarded.

In addition, loyalty is a rather vague and difficult to measure concept. It is much more important to monitor the overall satisfaction and atmosphere in the team. Studies have shown non-material motivation and human concern for comfort qualitatively increase the "level of happiness" within the company.

As stated in the book "Tayota Tao. 14 principles of management of a leading company in the world": "A happy employee is a good employee."

4 easy ways to increase staff engagement
One of the easiest ways to influence the level of loyalty is to abandon the classic vertical hierarchy. The openness and accessibility of management creates trust in the company, and is recognized as an effective way of motivation.

It's no secret that high salaries are not the only way to retain valuable employees. Not for everyone, material wealth is the fundamental aspiration of a person, remember the Maslow pyramid. But awareness of their own importance is necessary for everyone.

Just start praising workers. For the cause, of course. Achievements can be noted as a “one-on-one”, and publicly - use both methods.

Corporate parties are the best team building. Develop a corporate culture, because these are not only New Year's parties and birthday cake. Get your traditions, chips, reward system. Make life in the office interesting and fulfilling.

The boss does not always know what the workers want. Listen to your employees. Get a box of ideas and suggestions or discuss everything over tea once a month.

A new computer mouse, cookies of a different brand or a board game - a trifle thing at first glance, can greatly affect the level of employee satisfaction.