Sunday, August 31, 2014

a proud moment

A year ago, I posted a picture here on my blog of a dress that I bought - several sizes smaller - that I said I would get in to one day.  One particular "hater" on my blog said "Fat chance" that I would ever fit into that dress.   That comment was pretty mean and I wanted to cry.  But, I moved forward and worked very very hard.   Last night, I decided to wear that dress.  Now, I did try it on a few months ago and it did fit, although it was kind of tight.  Well, it fits PERFECT and because I am so tall, it's more of a top LOL (Another words, bending over gave a whole another view of fabric).

I had rave reviews on my outfit.  Makes me happy. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Newest PIcture

Working out and #belviq has really paid off.  Sorry it's blurry

Monday, August 18, 2014

My LOOOONG Plateau is OVER!!!

I've been on a LONG plateau since April.  I haven't lost anything.  I have fluctated a few pounds (Mostly water retention) here and there but I have maintained pretty much what I have lost.  I started back on Belviq after taking a long break.  I have had to modify my diet GREATLY due to a health condition.  No more sodas, sugary drinks (not even 1) - only water.  No more red meats - NONE whatsover.  No more yokes, no more foods with a higher fat content.  Basically, all of my food has to be little to no fat, etc. 

I lost 2 pounds this week since starting my new meal plan.  I can officially say, my plateau is OVER!!!!!!    Now hopefully I can lose 10 pounds by the end of September!! 

GOOOO #belviq

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm still alive

Sorry I have been tardy on posts but I have been so stupid busy at work.  Lots going on there (ALL GOOD STUFF) but I have been working crazy hours.

From past injuries, I have joint problems in my knee and foot.  I had to take a break from working out because I did too much too fast.  I started back up with my personal trainer yesterday and she is putting some workouts together that won't impact my joints as much - stuff in the pool, etc. 

I am also trying this Thrive stuff for more energy etc in addition to my Belviq.  So, I will let you know how this goes.  I am doing a 3 day challenge trial right now.  I started it today.  If this works, I "may" become a distributor.  If I don't but it works, I will put you into contact with my distributor that has had awesome personal result.

Again, this is NOT to replace Belviq.  This will be to supplement to Belviq.  I am going through major plateaus and I need to keep motivated and to keep going.

I will keep you all posted in 3 days at the end of my 3 day challenge.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


As I started my Belviq journey, there was a private group set up for Belviq Users on facebook.  I love to see new people that join and start their journey with Bevliq.  Watching each as they go through the same journey I am going through.

One of the biggest misconceptions that most new Bevliq patients have is appetite suppression.  Belviq doesn't neccessarily supress your appetite.  You still need to eat!  Hunger is a natural feeling that you must pay attention to.  What is important is how MUCH you consume during your meal.  That's what I tell people starting with Belviq to look for vs. feeling hungry.  You will want to see how much you eat during a meal on Belviq and compare that to how much you ate without it. 

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer thus far.  Drink LOTS of water and remember to get your exercise in!!!  It's hot down here in Texas, but I still am pursuing through this heat and getting to the gym several times a week.

DISCLAIMER - I am NOT a physician. I am just an ordinary person taking Belviq and I like to share my tips and tidbits with those who are either on Belviq or considering taking Belviq for the first time.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

1 year with Belviq

Well - what do you think?  Do you think Belviq really works? 

This was an impromptu photo so I wasn't wearing anything flattering.  BUT WHO CARES? HAHA!!