About Me

Where do I start?  Well, I guess one word will sum it up - Obese.   I'm 44 years old and I live in Houston Texas.  I go about life one day at a time. 

On June 19th, my life took a HUGE pause when I meet up with a friend from about 20 years ago, Pam Skaar.  Pam took a picture of her and I when we were visiting her brand newly born grandbaby (Sooo cute).  It was that very picture that she posted on facebook that pretty much made my enter being stand still.  Do I delete it?  What do I do with it?

I had just been to the doctors office prior to the picture taken.  It was a routine visit, but when I walked in the door (Just moments after the Eisai Pharm rep had dropped off patient information for Belviq), my friend Karen (who is the wife of the most awesome orthopedic surgeon around - Dr. Mann), said, "Get Ellie to try it" in a Life Cereal "mikey" kind of way. 

After that picture was taken, I knew I wasn't going to let life pass me by.  So what I did, was filled the prescription and my journey began.

Help me increase my following! I want to get the word out that there is help and hope for obesety without resorting to surgical methods.
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