Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Jumper Maybach Story - Houston Premier

Good Afternoon Everyone! 

I have something to share with all of my local Houston friends. 

My good friend and talented artist, Ben Workman aka Jumper Maybach is premiering his documentary on Saturday, July 29th at Numbers.  This is a truly amazing story that you all would want to come see.  He took on one of the largest governmental institutions here in Houston because he was being bullied and discriminated against.  Here is what his website had to say:

"Texas-born Ben Workman was pushed to the breaking point after a lifetime of discrimination and bullying. Until one day, something magical happened: Ben experienced an awakening that would change his life in a profound way. Enter Jumper Maybach, clown personae and abstract painter, alter ego of Ben Workman. Through his newfound freedom of expression, Jumper uses art to spread his message of universal love and acceptance.

This is the inspiring story of how one man finds the courage to fight for equality in the face of overwhelming adversity and, along the way, discovers his true identity."

I personally saw this documentary a year ago.  Let me tell you, it brought tears to my eyes.  I think we all can relate to his story.

Also, Pepe Serna, a very well respected Hollywood actor will be here at the premier.  He was involved in The Jumper Maybach Story.  Pepe starred in movies like Scarface in the 1970s and has over 100 film credits to his name. 

Come on out to Numbers nightclub in Houston.  I will be there so I hope to see you all there.