Thursday, November 17, 2016

Belviq + Arbonne

Happy Thursday everyone.

So, I officially hit the ground running with my weight loss (after some travel) on Monday.  I am doing something new to my routine.  My WONDERFUL friend and mentor is a distributer for Arbonne (Pam Skaar).  She and her daughter Melissa Theilig did the 30 day to healthy living and beyond and had amazing results.  It's not a weight loss program, it's a healthier eating program....which results in weight loss.

I decided to bite the bullet (It is an investment).  So, I started my Belviq to help me with this transition.  I did the math.  As a "preferred customer", I paid around $250 for a 30 day routine.  You eat a shake in the morning, one at lunch and then a healthy clean dinner (with healthy snacks in between).  Look, I eat out every day for lunch.  I was spending a min of $10 a work day.  So minimally, I would spend about $200 eating out.  So, I am saving that much money right there.

For those that know me will remember I had complete jaw reconstruction in 1998 where I lived on shakes for about 6 months.  To this date, I have a hard time tolerating them.  I have tried many other programs out there, and after 1 or 2, I would quit.  The chocolate shake is DELICIOUS!!!  I only mix mine with water and it tastes sooooo good.  Some mix theirs with almond milk.  I am afraid to try it because I don't want to be hooked on that HAHA

There are many other steps to the routine.  Between Monday and Wednesday, I lost 1.8 pounds!!!  I am PUMPED UP again.  I found my MOJO like I did in 2013. 

If you want more information, you can visit the Arbonne website of Pam Skaar at  She is a truly AMAZING person.  Her husband was my hometown pastor.  They now live in Grand Prairie, Texas.  She cares about everyone!!