Tuesday, January 19, 2016

a little update :)

I have so many reaching out to me on my facebook page and my email that I thought I would send an update:

In October, I had a bilateral knee replacement surgery on my left knee.  For those of you following my blog, you all know that this was something I knew I was facing for about 3 years.  The recovery was tough.  BEYOND tough.  I had a really bad reaction to medication.  I was only going to be off work for 2 weeks, but ended up being off work for 7 weeks.  For 2 months, I couldn't pick up my leg to even get in the car.  I had to literally pick it up with my hands to get it into the car.  It just didn't go as planned.

I gained about 10 or 15 pounds during this time because of inactivity.  I couldn't even do basic grocery shopping for the longest time, so I had to eat what I could.  I am VERY lucky that, even with the holidays, I didn't gain more than that!!!

I am in a better place now with my knee.  I still can't work out yet, but there is hope around the corner and I will soon be able to get back into the gym.  I also started back on Belviq yesterday to help jump start my diet patterns.  I don't plan on being on it for long, just needed a little motivation!!!

Anyway, that's the skinny, or the fat of it all.

Hope you are having an awesome 2016.