Monday, August 18, 2014

My LOOOONG Plateau is OVER!!!

I've been on a LONG plateau since April.  I haven't lost anything.  I have fluctated a few pounds (Mostly water retention) here and there but I have maintained pretty much what I have lost.  I started back on Belviq after taking a long break.  I have had to modify my diet GREATLY due to a health condition.  No more sodas, sugary drinks (not even 1) - only water.  No more red meats - NONE whatsover.  No more yokes, no more foods with a higher fat content.  Basically, all of my food has to be little to no fat, etc. 

I lost 2 pounds this week since starting my new meal plan.  I can officially say, my plateau is OVER!!!!!!    Now hopefully I can lose 10 pounds by the end of September!! 

GOOOO #belviq