Monday, June 9, 2014

Belviq = confidence

Everyone knows my story of how I was picked on as a kid and I didn't have many friends in high school.  I never hung out or did any bad things like I should have (haha).  Since I have lost weight, I have gained more and more courage to go hang out with those from my high school days.  Here is a picture that was taken on Saturday.  I actually felt great around them.  A little anxiety in the beginnng but as the evening went on, I felt more and more comfortable.  I had to leave early (10:30 pm) to make the 2 hour trip back to Houston.  Otherwise, I would have stayed.

This is the first picture I have taken in a group that I actually liked.  When I posted it on facebook, I had compliments on how great I looked.  Thank you Ashley, Memo, Celia, Katharine, Tamara, Michelle, Terri Sue, Lara, and Charlotte for the hospitality and good times!

My workouts are going good.  I meet with a PT once a week.  He is WORKING this girl.  I expect results.  I may not see weight loss for a bit as muscle will be heavier than fat and that's ok.  I want to see INCHES.  After all, it's the inches people will notice, not the actual pounds.