Friday, May 2, 2014

Eating with your mind

Earlier this week, I spoke about how our social interaction with others is mostly geared around food.  I've been really observing this alot lately.  A friend who you haven't seen in a while wants to meet for lunch/dinner to "catch up".  You have a "get together" with extended family and there's tons of food.

There are more and more TV shows that are food related.  Mostly, they are not foods that I would want to eat while I trying to change my lifestyle of eating.  Recently I came across a show called "cook your A#% off".  It was 3 cooks competing and they had to cook low fat, healthy meals for people that have diabetes, heart disease, overweight, etc.  The concept around it was to remake their favorite thing in a healthier format.

Another mind relating form of eating is what was programmed over the years by our parents, "clean your plate".  Over time, you don't even have to be told that, you just do it.  When you become extremely overweight, its guaranteed that your stomach is stretched.  So for us, that is why "cutting back" on portions and amounts are so difficult.  We are hungry all of the time.  I was talking to a friend of mine (physician) who is very knowledgeable on the Lap Band.  I asked, "Why do you think I did not gain 1 pound back when I went off Belviq, but those with the band quickly will gain when they loosen the band or have it removed.  His answer was quite compelling.  He stated that those on Belviq are training their tummy's to shrink.  The band does not.  So when it is removed, the tummy goes back to the old size.  Interesting.

Now you have to tell yourself, "It's ok to not finish your plate".  With Belviq, that is really easy because it tells your brain, "Hey, you're full". 

Here's what I do:

1.  I do not watch the Food Network anymore. I feel that watching Food shows on TV is programming my brain to desire those things. If you are trying to lose weight and change your eating habits, why would you sit there and watch these shows make the foods you are needing to stay away from?!?

2.   The first moment I feel the slightest of being full or even just statisfied, I push my plate away.  I tell the waiters to take my plate please.  I DO NOT TAKE HOME LEFTOVERS.  If they ask, I just say no.  I'm trying to train will power.

3.  I carry my own bottled water to restaraunts because I don't know if they serve tap (MANY DO).

4.  If my friends are wanting to go eat somewhere like Italian, etc., I usually eat fruit and or veggies right before I go.  So when I get there, I am not starving to the point that I will just chow down the bread and pasta.   I love bread, but it doesn't like me.  So I have to do this extra step so I am not so tempted.

5.  I allow 1 cheat meal (not day) a week.  But, I have found with Belviq that I end up eating healthing anyway!!!

Happy Friday!!


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