Thursday, May 8, 2014

An Eating Tip with Belviq

Sorry I have not posted this week - It's been really busy.

I just wanted to share something I have been trying.  Belviq makes you feel full faster, that is a reality in my world that I love.  But, why do I eat until I "feel full".  So, while I am taking my Belviq, I decided to try something new:

I have been focusing on the "feelings" we get when we are hungry, STARVING, Full, satisfied, and nothing at all.  I wanted to track how much I need to eat when I am just starving to be "satisfied" and how much it was to be "full".  That helps me with portion control.  You have to pay attention to your own body, every is different.

I don't want to feel "full".  I want to feel "satisfied".  So, the minute I know I have reached that point, even though I am not "full" and I can certainly eat a little more, I immediately push my plate away and put my napkin over my food.  I will relax while every else is still eating and just enjoy the company.

Now what I have found is when you do this, you will be hungrier soon.  That's ok.  To speed up your matabolism, you need to eat more "smaller meals" and snacks per day.  So about 2 or 3 hours later, I eat some fruit, protien, or something just enough to tide me over until dinner.

I actually set my timer for specific times to nibble on something.  I will not nibble any time other than what my timer says.

Look, it's tough when you first start on a weight loss diet.  TRUST ME, I know.  It's taken me 7 months on Belviq to really think about how I am going to train myself post Belviq.  It's not a forever pill, and I want to make sure I am successful once I am where I do not need it anymore.

Remember to allow yourself 1 cheat meal a week.  NOT DAY, but meal.  Again, don't stuff yourself, just satisfy your craving and treat yourself for a weeks good work.