Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Goals and how I dealt with a Plateau with #Belviq

In February, I had posted that I hit a plateau after being on Belviq for 7 months.  Just like any drug, sometimes you build a tolerance.  I was somewhat concerned and frustrated.  Although I am not afiliated in any way with Arena Pharm or Eaisai Pharm (not an investor either), I was given a premium membership to because those investors and alike wanted to hear from me and follow my story.  There was a guy and sent me a message from the site that suggested maybe taking a small break from Belviq and start back up - it had worked for him.

So, I did.  And then I found out I would be having knee surgery so my small break lasted more than a month.

Yesterday, I started back on Belviq.  I was going to start last week but had to wait until I got enough money to get my RX refilled LOL.  Anyway, I am AMAZED how this tip really worked.

Remember when I first started blogging about Belviq?  I was stating how I had to force myself to eat.  I would eat a few bites and feel so full.  I also would feel "cold" or chilly even though it was dead summer.  Over time, those intense feelings would subside.   I got the same exact feelings again.  I am having to force myself to eat again.  What a wonderful feeling.

For those who have followed my blog from the beginning, I always set out with short time goals vs longer goals.  This helps keep me motivated because success is easier to achieve.  Obviously I have an ultimate goal, but I don't focus on that.

My short time goals and long term goals I set today are:
1.  Finally get under 240 pounds.  I've been hanging around in the 240's for 3 months.  It's been over 15 years since I was below 240 pounds.  I am less than 5 pounds from that goal - so I would be very happy to achieve this in the next week.  With the way I feel right now, I think it is duable.

2.  Get into a size 16!  I'm in a size 18 and I have not been a 16 since 1996.  I believe it will happen in about 10 pounds.  My hope is by mid May!  Perfect time for the summer!!!

3.  I would like to be at a total of 75 pounds lost by my anniversary of starting with Belviq - which is towards the end of June.  That's about 20 pounds from now and would put me at about 220 pounds.  At this point, I will have the much needed breast reduction (I'll probably lose 30 pounds there alone LOL)
Again, duable.

4.  By the first of September, I would like to be at 199 (or below).  There's a financial incentive involved in this number by this time.  My boss promised me another $300 gift card to go clothes shopping if I hit 200 by 9/1. 

5 - Reach a weight of 190 by the end of September.  It will be this exact weight that will officialy pull me out of the "obese" category.

6 - My ultimate weight I would like to achieve is 155.  That would be considered normal for my height and structure.

I am so happy Belviq found me!!!!!!!!!!  

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