Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Belviq vs. surgery

I was having lunch with a coworker yesterday.  We were talking about weight loss and the various methods out there.  She mentioned her sister had the lap band surgery about a year ago.  She talks about her experience and how she doesn't like to go out and eat around people because she can barely eat much and people are always asking "what is wrong" because she can't finish her meal.

That took me back many years as a child, our parents would make you finish your plate.  Then I started thinking about how we have set up social occassions to be centered around food.  Everywhere you go, there will be food.  Lots of Food.  And guaranteed, not many "healthy" options.

As I listened to her describe her "symptoms" - feeling full, etc.  I immediately connected to those same feelings on Belviq.  She also would talk about how much pain her sister would be in if she over ate, or ate the wrong thing.  Fortunately, with Belviq, that is not an issue.

The difference I can see:
  • maybe I don't lose weight as fast, but I still lose alot fairly quicker than on my own. 
  • I have no pain and discomfort. 
  • When I went off Belviq for about 5 weeks, I did not gain 1 pound and several people I know who have had the band have gained wait immediately after either they have the band removed or have the saline let out (band loosened)
  • I don't have to keep going to the doctor to get my band adjusted
  • It didn't require surgery!!
So, She lost about 130 pounds in 18 months.  That is an average of 7.2 pounds a month. Granted, a majority of that was in the begining, but she is also on a plateau.  I lost 50 pounds in my first 7 months.  (I'm using that data because I took a break)  That is an average of 7.1 pounds per month.  That's pretty compelling, if you ask me!!!!  AND, without surgery!!! 


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