Monday, March 17, 2014

Cholestorol Resuls

So I have some bad news.  My Test results did not change at all since I started with a healthier eating lifestyle.  I had my suspicions that this would be the case because genetics play a large factor.  My Tryglicerides were 414!!  Anything over 200 is high.  But, again, this is a huge issue that runs within my famly.  Obiesity is not.  I got the genetic card I guess.  So, I am looking for alternative methods to lower vs. Medication.  Any suggestions - please email me at

I do have some GREAT news.  Last week was a very busy week for me (which is why I have been silent).  I had to fly to Dallas for business.  The last time I flew was in February 2013 wich was when I was nearly 300 pounds.  I had to ask for a seatbelt extension.  Friday - NO EXTENTION was needed and I had PLENTY of room!!!  SOOOOOO excited!!!!