Tuesday, February 11, 2014

ramping up!

A friend of mine is 23 weeks pregnant.  About 3 weeks ago she was told the baby would not survive in the womb due to a condition in the placenta.  In fact, that very doctor said that the heart would stop beating in a matter of days.   3 weeks later, she still has a very active baby.  She is going for a 2nd opinion today because it just seems the baby is getting stronger and he's growing (which the first doctor said he would not grow).

So, she came to me and said, "If my baby can be strong, so can you.  If my baby can make it 8 more weeks in the womb, then you have to lose 20 pounds".

20 pounds in 8 weeks?  At first I was thinking that this would be hard.  But then I realized that this baby is going through something 100 times more difficult.  What's 8 weeks for me?  Nothing really!  What's 8 weeks for him?  His life!! 

Belviq is all about a lifestyle change.  This challenge really put it into perspective.  So I will meet her 8 week challenge.  And, when that baby is finally born, He and I will forever have a bond.  He will be part of my life change.  I'll be a proud "aunt" and spoil him!!  So, send up your prayers for this sweet baby.

Meanwhile, I am trying to decide if I should post weigh ins during this 8 week challenge or if I should do one official weigh in at the end of the 8 week period which will be April 1st.

Take the poll I posted about if you think I will meet the goal of the challenge.

Also - post some positive comments for my friend so she can feel the same love I feel from you guys on my blog!!