Monday, February 17, 2014

Interesting exercise Idea.......


Just so you all know, my birthday is in 2 weeks - (March 1st).  I haven't celebrated really since my mom passed.  But this year, it's all about me - remember??!!!  So, feel free to show love that day - post, text, email - whatever haha!!!

So, you all know that I am friends with the wife of my ortho doc.  I'm going to have a scope surgery on my knee in a few weeks to clean out some gunk.  Years of obesity has really tore up my knees.  Every few years we scope it out.  I want to start exercising again but I am so limited on what I can do.  Last night she said, "Tae Kwon Do - you need to start going with me Monday - Thursday evenings and Saturdays".  I said, "But, I fall down all of the time".  She said, "so does everyone else".  Then I said, "But, my knees...."  She said, "It will make you stronger" LOL  So, guess who is going to give it a try???  Me!!  She said that she is really getting a good work out.  My birthday (the other national holiday) is around the corner so my dad is gifting me a trial to see how I do. Wish me luck.

I've been getting alot of emails from many of you thanking me for giving you inspiration to start your journey.  I am honored to have so much support myself.  You all actually inspire me to keep going.  For those just joining in, it's not an easy war to fight.  But it is so much easier than trying to this on your own.

#belviq really works!!  Just look at my pictures :)


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