Thursday, January 23, 2014

What's Next? My next level goal

I'm still reeling in excitement from meeting my first level 50 pound goal. It was the most drastic by far. Right now I'm in a maintenance mode just enjoying my success. I'll start towards my level 2 goal on Monday. (very short break huh?)

So now I will announce my 2nd level goal: I want to lose 25 pounds by the end of June. By then, it will be one year of weight loss and hopefully I can say I have lost 75 pounds! I would be totally on target for somone who had the lap band surgery. If you remember, I was 1 step away from that very procedure so to be on target like that without the invasive procedure, I think it would speak volumes!

My reward for when I hit 75 pounds is to do a breast reduction and lift - MUCH NEEDED at this point. Insurance will cover it and I probably would lose another 5 pounds there ha!

My ultimate goal right now is to lose 110 pounds total. That would put me at a BMI of 28.2 which is OUT of the obese category. I would like to maintain that number for a while and work on stabilizing and learning the technics of maintaining your body weight. Maybe after 6 months or so I would like to then try to lose another 25 pounds to put me at a BMI of 24.7 where I would be extremely comfortable for the rest of my life. But that ultimate goal is a LONG way away and I don't like thinking about it to much because it will seem impossible and I will get discouraged. That's why I set these level goals to break it up.

I look forward to the accomplishment of my level 2 goal and I look forward to all of your support and encouragement. I can do this. I WILL do this!!


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