Monday, January 20, 2014

Health Assessment Results with Belviq

About a year ago - a few months before I even started on Belviq, I did an only health assessment through my insurance carrier.  I was rated "Poor" due to many health issues and my weight, etc.

Today, I decided to take another stab at it.  It always asks how would you rate your selft.  I rated myself as "fair".  I figured I would upgrade from poor since I have lost weight LOL.

To my surprise, I was rated mid range for "good".  YAY!!!!!  I'm sure it will be better than that when I go have have my cholesterol numbers done in a few weeks.  That was part of why I rated poor to begin with. 

BUT it gets better!  For my height and bone structure, my "ideal" (aka a skinny thing) weight should be about 159.  Pounds.  The analysis said that my goal weight (my realistic weight lol) should be 192 to 223 pounds.  So I am broad and big boned (LOL really I am).  So I figured if I could get to the 192 range, I will look AMAZING.  So my goal weight is 192.  That is the number I am focusing on.  That is 100 pounds from my initial weigh in.  I am 1/2 way there.  CRAZY!!  But If I lose another 25 pounds, I would be in the "safe" zone according to the assessment.

I would have NEVER EVER thought I would be that close.  BELVIQ has definitely worked a miracle in my life and this just made it even more real.

If you are following my blog and you have "thought about" taking Belviq - please try it.  There is a free 15 day trial.   Your life is worth it!

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