Friday, January 24, 2014

Belviq = hope

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The reason I am trying to ramp up these numbers is, I want to get the attention from the promoters of Belviq.  I want them to use me so I can share my story.  I have inspired so many and I want to give hope and inspiration to the thousands of over weight individual that have pretty much given up just like I had!

This may be a boring blog post but I have to tell you how I am feeling.  This week was a huge accomplishment losing over 50 pounds now.  It is probably one of my biggest accomplishments in my life.  The only other significant accomplishment I can honestly say I had was passing my PHR certification on the first try!  And that one was HUGE.  So, for me to say that this weight loss probably takes the lead, it speaks volumes.

My journey with my weight loss has not been easy.  There's been days of frustrations and of course I had some illness along the way.  But Belviq made it more obtainable.  I will say this - I would NOT have been this successful without Belviq. 

I'm feeling so much hope right now.  I mean, when I first started, I couldn't imagine me shopping for clothes in regular stores.  NOW, I can shop for clothes in regular stores.  And, I can actually vision me getting to a size 12.  I have not been a size 12 since probably my early high school years.  I remember when my mom lost a lot of weight (she was always thin but when at one time in her life, she had gone to a size 18).  She is also big boned.  She got down to a size 12 which was thin for her.  I was probably in 8th or 9th grade.  Size 12 was too small for me.  So, to actually think that I can be SMALLER than I was in high school is just amazing.

HOPE.  It's something I've not really experienced in terms of my weight.    In fact, the word was always DEFEAT.

HOPE.  a very powerful feeling and experience.  And Belviq gave me HOPE.

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