Thursday, January 16, 2014

Belviq and Kickstarter60

I get a lot of people asking me what my meal plan is like, how to eat, etc. while on Belviq.  So I thought I would spotlot what I have done.

The makers of Belviq clearly states that Belviq is to be used with a proper diet and exercise.  What I like about the makers of Belviq is that they have programs and tools to help you move towards your goals.  They know that the pill alone won't work magic unless you are willing to put in the effort as well.

I mean, for me, it is magic - but I work just as hard to make it magic.  I have had many who suggest that a proper diet is easy.  Most of those people are not obese.  I have spent 32 years of my life eating bad.  Fast foods, processed foods, sweets and sodas have been my sole diet for most of that time.  So, to go from that to a healthy diet is almost impossible for someone like me.

That's where kickstarter60 comes in.  When my blog first started taking off this summer, I was contacted by Mindy with Kickstarter60 introducing to me the program.  I was hooked IMMEDIATELY.   Kickstarter60 uses the Dash diet.  And for those of you who do not know, the Dash diet is the nations number one trending diet - over weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, etc. 

Kickstarter60 and Belviq completely compliment each other!   To me, it's the obvious packaged choice!

This is a 60 day program.  But it doesn't just end in  60 days.  For me, with all of the tools that I was given during those 60 days, it actually became a personal lifetime program!!!! 

Here is the website: (or you can click on the link at the bottom of my page)

This is what you get and how the program works:

1. Get a dietitian by your side without leaving the house. 2 months of email contact during subscription.
2. Daily thought-provoking emails to make permanent lifestyle changes. How to shop for food, prepare meals, eat out at restaurants & succeed.
3. Delicious recipes to change the way you cook. Like taking a healthy-cooking class.
4. 8 weeks of menus at optimal calorie level for weight loss and heart health. Don't starve learn how to feed yourself for optimal health. Watch your health risks fade away - as you eat the Mediterranean Diet in your own home.
5. Reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes while you lose weight.
6. It's about what you eat and the weight you want.
7. Eat real food for real health.

Sounds really expensive?  Not even close!!  I have researched other programs and this, by far, is the most affordable program out there.  It's LESS than $1.00 per day.  You can see the pricing online by going to the "store" tab of the website.  It will completely surprise you!!! 

I made a binder with all of my kickstarter60 emails, menus, etc.  I refer to it ALL of the time.  I re-read the emails to remind me of certain things, etc.

So, for those of you on Belviq - I would really recommend you checking out this program to help you stay on track with your dietary and nutritional needs.

Belviq is half of the battle.  It helps me feel full quicker and curves my cravings.  Kickstarter60 is the other half of the battle.  It gives me healthy menu planning and teaches me how to eat better.  I won't be on Belviq for the rest of my life, so I have to think about those post Belviq days to ensure the weight doesn't come back.

I hope this helps everyone.  Even if you can't do it right now financially, just go check it out so you can plan for it.  I 100 percent believe this is the best option to do with Belviq!

Happy Thursday!!!

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