Thursday, January 2, 2014

1.02.2014 weigh in

Happy New Year everyone!!

First off, I am so very sick.  I had pneumonia AND bronchitis that so many here in Houston have been plagued with.  Even Former first lady Barbara Bush is sick with it.  So I am in great company!!!  But, I was excited to share this that it couldn't wait until I "prettied" myself up.  So please excuse the ugliness lol

So, what does this mean? It means that at my last official weigh in, I lost 40 pounds. Today, I am not officially at 44 pounds. I am taking steroids for the pneumonia which is known to cause weight gain and I STILL lost 4 pounds haha! So, I think the number will be higher now that I have taken my last dose as of today.

I know I threw a lot of numbers at you so let's recap it again.  The difference in scales from my scale and my doctors scale is 3 pounds.  My scale is cheap and it shows me 3 pounds heavier.  When I first weighed in at the doctor, I was 293 pounds.  When I got home, I was 296.  It's been consistently 3 pounds off since.  So, Today I weight 252 which means if I were at the doctors office, it should say 249. 

I am so excited!!  6 pounds and I hit 50.  I CAN DO IT!