Tuesday, December 17, 2013

So do I blog or no?

The last few days were awful regarding two people I know and their little fued.  But it's over (THANK GOD).  So let's all move on past this!!!  Let's just forget it and accept that we can all agree to disagree!  AMEN?

As one of my wonderful Supporters messaged me today (out of concern from what I was dealing with) I responded to him and tried to end the response on a postive note.  After I wrote that, I realized with that very comment, THIS IS WHAT THIS BLOG IS ALL ABOUT:  My journey through weightloss and how Belviq is helping me.

One of the things that we don't address is how Belviq is different than other weightlloss methods.  This is a conversation I had with my dad that will tie in to what I am about to say:

Me:  Dad, for the first time since the 90's I am in a size 18 (I started pushing a 26)
Dad:  Don't throw out your big clothes!
Me;  Why????!!!!!!!!
Dad:  Because XYG (well known actress) needs them.

He's speaking about a well known actress who lost a lot of weight using one of those weightloss companies like Weight Watchers and/or Jenny Craig.

As we were talking, I said to my dad something that was a bit of a revulation:  "Belivq is different because you still have to diet and exercise.  Those companies provide pre-packaged meals and supplements and the problem is, when you get off of them, you don't know how to continue.  With Belviq, I still have to shop, cook, and prepare my meals. So even after I am done, I still have that knowledge to keep going" 

I supplemented with Kickstarter60 which gave me the tools to learn to shop, cook, and prepare my healthy options.  Belviq helped me with the ability to tolerate the portion control and curved my cravings.  The makers of Belviq make it VERY CLEAR that you still have to diet and exercise.  If you don't, you won't have the same results. 

So, thanks to my friend and my supporter for the inspiration even though you have no idea that you just gave it to me!!  It's because of that message exchange is why I have decided to NOT delete my blog.