Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pot Luck - how did I do??

So today we had a huge pot luck at work.  Fried Chicken, Ham, brisket, fattening sides and salad plus a plentiful amount of deserts.  How did I do?  SUCCESS!  I filled up on Salad and didn't have a bite of dessert and to be honest, I was just as happy and didn't really care to eat all that other crap haha!  I love belviq!!!!

So I thought, "Ok I did good today.  Maybe something good will come my way".  Well, it did - sort of.  Josephine's Day Spa - Eldridge location here in Houston were looking for 1 female model to do a hair cut tonight between 6 and 8 pm - same style as I have.  Because of the cost of the belviq, the one thing that I have been neglecting is my hair - and when I say neglecting - YES, it needs an intervention!  I responded to the facebook first saying I could be there at that time and to let me know.  I then jumped in my car to head home.  They responded back "can you do it at 7:30" but I couldn't respond in traffic.  They literally only gave me 5 minutes to respond until they then said, "Since Ellie didn't respond, then we will book XYZ (who responded right after me saying the SAME THING) for the appointment".  WHAT??????  I mean, I just said I can do it.  The next person said they can do it.  But they only asked me if I could do it at that specific time (and didn't asked #2) but because I didn't respond right then, they just BOOKED #2 the spot!!!  IRRITATED!!!  I NEED A HAIRCUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well - better luck next time.  I still don't regret being faithful to my diet hahahahaha!!!  My reward will always be my health. 

I'm just glad that I have come this far!  I was just hoping a little hair cut would shed a half a pound!!!!  LOL