Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weigh in Video......

Ok peeps - Sunday is an odd day to do a video huh?  Usually I do it at my doctors office but I haven't had time to get over there so I am going to do them here at home.   So a few things to note - My scale is off 3 pounds from the doctor's office (I've reported that before).  So, when I do my weigh ins, I will subtract 3 pounds from what my HOME scales says to keep integrity with the doctor's scale. 

Anyway, another note - I am cleaning/cooking today so I look AWFUL haha - no makeup and my hair was not done.  ICKY but who cares.  Here you go......

Ok, so I am excited!!  I went through 6 weeks of issues with health and with money really tight right now while I am trying to pay off a few things (hopefully by January), I have to cut back to 1 a day on Belviq right now.  So for 6 weeks, I didn't lose anything.  I was just happy to NOT GAIN a pound.

A few days ago I reported I got my mojo back.  Although I still feel I eat a little more than what I would taking 2 Belviqs a day, I am sooo happy to report that my official weight loss is 33.5 pounds.  I AM SO EXCITED. 

I made a mistake on the video - I have not hit that new bracket - but it's ok - I am only 9 pounds away from that bracket.  AND I am only 16.5 pounds away from my 50 pound goal.  I CAN DO THIS!!!!!

The next 13 days will be interesting.  I have 10 Belviq pills left.  So, I will take one for 3 days and miss a day.  I think I'll "plan" that day for a crazy busy day at work and I may schedule some interviews through lunch haha.

THANK YOU ALL for hanging in there with me!!!!  I'm BACK!!!!!!