Friday, November 8, 2013

The best picture by far!!!!

WOWZER - I LOVE how I look in this picture!!  Ok, the hair, not so much.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice on material things to get other things that are important.  That would be my hair haha.  I have not had a haircut or do since June - just before I started Belviq.  FORTUNATELY, I won a $100 gift card to Urban Retreats so guess what, I am getting my hair cut!!  They are very upscale salon and I would LOVE to get the full workup, but $100 will basically afford me only a haircut.  I AM THANKFUL for that.  I won it by answering a question on a local radio station as the 9th caller.  Hey, I am doing what I can.  I also had won a $50 gift card for entering a contest back this summer - I used that as a co-pay to one of my doctors appointment.  I know how to juggle money and penny pinch.  BELVIQ IS THAT IMPORTANT to me to sacrifice all that I can.  If it weren't for the donations - even the $5, it would be impossible.  In the beginning, I was getting enough to pay for the entire medication.  Now, I am getting about $50 to $75 towards it - that's just fine becuse every penny no matter how small helps!

AND THIS IS THAT RESULT...................