Thursday, November 14, 2013

My new BMI numbers...

If you go online to, they have a BMI calculator.  Now, I understand that it's not taking into consideration body build, etc.  But for me it's pretty accurate from what my doctor calculated in the beginning.

I started at 293 pounds.  I am 5 ft 7 in.  When I calculated that on, it said my BMI was 45.9 %.

I then used my weigh as of Monday which was 257 pounds.  With my same hight, I calclue late at...........................................................

40.2 BMI.
That means I have lost 5.7% off of my BMI!!!  HOLY CARROT STICKS!!!!
I have lost 12.5% of my weight as well.  These are GREAT NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, remember that "other" white sequenced dress made by Michael Kohrs?  Now, I certainly can not afford such a dress.  It's an XL.  When I started, I was in 3XL.   We have company shirts at ERGOS - golf style shirt.  I got the 2XL and it was to small.  Then I was able to start wearing it and now it's a little big.  So, I decided to get the XL - they kind of run small LOL.  Well - IT FIT!!!  SOOOOOOOOOOOO, I called up my friend and said, "That dress, can I come get it?"  Of course she said yes,  She told me when I started to lose weight that when I got to where I could fit it, I could have it.  Our holiday part is on December 6th.  So, I want to go get it now to see what I need to do to fit into that dress.  I WILL FIT INTO IT - with Belviq of course HAHA!.   I will shock everyone because that dress will look great on me.  I now don't have to spend any money (that I don't have lol) on a new dress. 
All of my clothese are way to big.  I guess over Thanksgiving I will be bagging up my "fatter" clothes and cart off to donate.  It's time I bless someone who needs them.  I don't EVER want them back.  I never thought I would be sitting here today saying my clothes are too big.  I probably will be wearing alot of the same things over and over because I don't have much in my smaller clothes.  Such a great problem to have.!!!!!!