Monday, November 18, 2013

CONGRATS are in order!

I hate Mondays - just saying.  I did not lose a pound this week - what's that about?  Maybe becasue I lost 5 pounds over the last two weeks!  Oh well, it happens right?

Saturday, I found out that Spencer Osborne and his new GORGEOUS bride were in Houston.  They are on their honeymoon and drove over from San Antonio to stay the night in Houston before they headed out to a week long cruise to the Carribean.  For those who don't know, Spencer is the guy that had me on his radio show and wrote that awesome article about me and my story.  Now, there are many in the investment world that do not like Spencer.  He knows that, I know that.  But he really is a nice guy - we had a lot of fun.  He believes in what Belviq is doing for me.  He wants to do another follow up piece when I am at my 50 pound mark which will be GREAT for those who were around when the initial piece was see that BELVIQ worked for me!!!

So, please join me in congratulating Spencer and his new wife Jenna on their nuptials.  Jenna is the sweetest girl around - hey, she is FROM TEXAS - so of course she is!!  They make a great couple.