Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another Skirt I got in to!

Today I ate a salad for lunch (well 1/3 of it because I don't "stuff" myself).  Doesn't it look delicious?

So last night I was going through some "old" clothes in my spare closet.  I remember coming across this skirt about 2 months ago and trying it on and I was no quite able to fit into it.  So, I came back across is and said, "Let me check this out" and guess what - IT FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am LOVING how it looks on me.  Again, notice my nice tennis shoes - I walked again today 1.2 miles at lunch

My only complaint is my BOOBS are NOT shrinking and my ARMS are so big.  Imagine what I would really look like if my arms and boobs would just go away some!!!  Reduction will be "top" priority when I loose at least 100 pounds. (hopefully by next summer!!)  So, anyone who is a plastic surgeon that wants me as their patient - let me know ha!
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