Thursday, October 10, 2013

I must confess......

Tuesday night, for the first time since taking Belviq, I ate a very small piece of cake.  The first bite was AMAZING.  After that, I felt sick ha!  It was just too much.  My body isn't used to having that and it certainly wasn't interested.  Oh, yes, it was amazing on the tongue, but the minute it hit the tummy, not so much!

This is why I like Belivq.  It not only curves my hunger, it really curves my desire for sugary foods/drinks.

I am back to taking 2 a day.  I had two donations that came in that totally helped me get the RX and not wait until the 16th.  I am going to put the money aside on the 16th for when it's time to get a new RX.  2 pills a day works best for me! 

I'm still recovering from last weekends episode with the liver (Note, I was not on 2 Belivqs a day at that time so we know this is NOT Belviq related).  I still feel bloated (water retension) but every day its getting better.  I still look puffy even in the face, but that's probably from the steroids they gave me that weekend just to calm things down.

Hopefully by next week I'll be back to normal and I can get on the scale!!!

Even though I am retaining water right now, I was excited that another skirt fit that I had not been able to wear.  

Ya'll are the best.  Belviq still rocks!!  All day, every day!!!!