Thursday, September 5, 2013

My dreams are in sight with Belviq

Happy Thursday everyone!

So, I had a guy that is following my progress ask me, "do you have any goals (other than the weight loss) that you are trying to reach, like do certain activities or wear a certain clothing item?"  He was suggesting that it would be totally awesome to see what it is that I would like to achieve eventually so that when that time comes and I do make those goals, everyone can celebrate with me by seeing photos etc.

I have a lot of goals.  There are certains things I would love to do.  But, I am a girl and I LOVE clothes!  At the end of the day, there are two dresses I totally want to wear. 

 This dress is a Michael Kor's dress that one of my long time friends, Terah Aultman has hanging in her closet waiting for me.  She told me, when I can fit in this dress, I can have it.  Of course, I LOVE Michael Kors AND I love BLING - this is a sequensed (sp?) dress and I can't wait to wear it!

This cute little dress I got on clearance for $3!!  The reason was because it was not marked with the appropriate size and they were bringing in fall clothes.  I can't wait to wear this dress withi some cute cowboy boots!  My goal si to be in this little number by spring!! 

Today, I wore my "skinny" jeans and I got so many compliments.  It feels great to know that my hard work is FINALLY starting to show. 

Belviq is truly my miracle RX.  It helped me fix the problem that was causing me so much trouble with eating and I am pumped up every day!

Have a wonderful Thursday!