Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Meet Belviq Patient Mark Benjamin

Hi everyone,

Wow, life (and work) got really busy.  So sorry for the lag in postings.  One of my wonderful twitter followers pointed it out!  LOVE my followers.  Follow me on twitter @ewenker 

I want to introduce you to Mark Benjamin.  Mark is an actor/director who has an incredible Belviq story. 

Here is what he had to say:

"I knew of Belviq before it came out and I wanted to try it because I am also a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 25 (31 years). I maxed out on my weight at 210 and was not happy. My insulin usage was 120 units per day. So I was interested in both glycemic control as well as losing weight. I started about the same time as you (June) and began losing weight immediately. After 7 weeks I had lost the 30 pounds down to 180. Get insulin usage dropped to 52 units from the 120 units. I have never had better blood sugar control. In the last couple weeks I am down to 175 pounds which is my target. So I actually lost 35 pounds total. As I want to keep my blood sugar under control.   I will continue to use Belviq and eat a little more to keep my weight at 175."

HOW INSPIRING!!!!  Mark is a wonderful person I consider a friend.  I would LOVE for you to go to his facebook page and like his page and learn more about Mark.  In the "About" section, Mark talks about another health issue he overcame.  When you read his story, you will really be amazed!!!  So please, go visit his page (AND BE SURE TO LIKE) and tell him Ellie sent you! :)

I've hit a little plateau but I am keeping on.  PLUS the weather is starting to cool a bit here in Houston so now I have more energy to be more active (Heat really really takes a toll on me personally from a borderline heatstroke I had 23 years ago).

More tomorrow!  Love you all!!