Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday......

Hello everyone,

I know, I know - where is the weigh in video?  First, I couldn't go today because we have a film production crew at our office doing a promo for a technology conference in November.  But, I am at the same spot on my scale - Plateau here ha!

But, to be frankly honest, I have had to cut down on my Belviq to once a day to stretch it out.  I am not able to go get my RX until October 16th because my money runeth over (or under ha).  The good news is - BELVIQ works because I do notice a "slight" difference.  The even better news is - I have not gained anything even though I eat just a little bit more (not much more, but I have notice I do eat a little more).  So, it's not the end of the world.  I am just HAPPY that I am not gaining weight and I completely stay away from the wrong foods to help with that. 

I didn't want to really say anything but I have had many ask when is the next weigh in and I keep coming up with excuses haha.  So, I just will put it out there.  I still take Belviq once a day and it STILL HELPS.  So no haters out there thinking it's not.  If I was taking 2 a day as directed, I am CONFIDENT that I would lose some!  I am TOTALLY OK with this but note, on the 16th when I pick up my RX, it's all on!!!!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!   I will - I won a $100 gift certificate to Urban Retreats on Sunny 99.1 radio station.  That means I can finally pamper myself on a manicure without paying a dime!  I like that!!! (Hey, my priority is my Belivq and if I can't afford the belviq for 2 weeks, then I can't afford a manicure).