Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Belviq Pricing Perspective

I just want to say THANK YOU to those that donated to help me get my Belviq this month. I just picked up my RX. I can't belive I am starting month 3. Two and a half months in and I am so just as motivated as I was the day I started!

The other day, I was at a luncheon for a seminar for work.  I met this lady and, naturally, Belviq came up (by me) at our table of 10.  I am not exactly sure how it came up but I took advantage of the conversation.  One asked if it was covered by insurance.  I said, "Not all carriers are covering it right now" and went into the 15 day free trian and the $75 off monthly coupon for 12 months.  I said, "At the end of the day, it's about $160 per month for me which is normaly way out of my budget right now".  Then the one girl popped up and said, "That's not bad when I think about how much I spent doing  those stupid weight loss programs"

So, this weekend, I was visiting with a friend.  She's using a weightloss supplement that her sister sells.  I was talking about how much it is and she as well said, "That's really about what I am paying per month for the xyz method."  So, in retrospect, Belviq (without insurance) is about what the average person is paying on the street for alternative, non MD supervised weightloss program.

That put alot into perspective about the cost of Belviq.  Although I personally could not afford to do one of those other methods, there are many more that can!

I've had a few followers that were not able to continue with Belviq due to side effects. Everyone's body is different, but overall, Belviq is working miracles for MANY, MANY more people I think that is why you should definitely take advantage of the 15 day free trial. Go to to learn more about it and see if it is right for you.

Have a great Wednesday!