Friday, August 16, 2013

Tough Week

Hello everyone,

It's been a tough, tough week.  I hadn't felt well most of the week and had some tests done (Again, unrelated to Belviq).  I'm retaining a lot of water which is frustrating.  Hopefully we will have answers soon.  Meanwhile I am starting to feel much better.

I've had to go off of what I call "roughage" for a few days - I had to go to a more soft, bland diet.  Unfortunately, there's not much health options in that area.  But, I managed very well. 

Tomorrow I will be going to the beach with my best friend and just hanging out.  It's her birthday and I need a little R&R time so I am pretty excited.  Sunday I plan on just resting some more. 

Hopefully by Monday I will be back full force on my diet again.  I will do a weigh in at some point next week and post it. 

As with any and all diets, there are always road bumps.  This time, it was my health.  Something that I've had for about 5 years decided to act up.  Now that it's quieting down, I am hopefully good to get back on track!!!

Thanks for being supportive.  I've missed hearing from everyone.   Only goes up from here right??? 

Have a great weekend!!