Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sneak peek.......

Good Tuesday Morning,

I had to share this photo with you all today.  The top I am wearing I have not been able to really wear comfortably since about 2008.  It was always too tight.  So today I put it on and it fits so perfect.  The pants I am wearing I could not buckle.  I always wore them and just not buckled them haha!!  I'm about to retire the britches.......the 2nd photo will show why ha!!

I should have "sucked it in" for this picture!!  I need to learn to do that!  I am starting to have an issue with a little flabby skin in the tummy that's not going away!!  GRRRRR.

And there she is - not that you wanted to see my butt, but theres my baggy britches!!!!!  I have no butt (Well, I have a LOT of butt, however, it seems that I am loosing in my booty the most!!!!

I weighed on my home scale this morning.  I know it's about 3 or 4 pounds off (to the higher) than my doctors office, but, I am confident that I have lost at least 2 additional pounds which is my goal for this week.  I am feeling hopeful it will be more.  SOOOOOO excited!!!!!