Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sample of my daily meals while taking Belviq

I am almost 8 weeks in on this weight loss journey with Belviq.  In the beginning you may remember me stating that I could barely get in 700 calories a day.  It is still the same struggle to get it all in with 3 meals a day.

I start my morning off with 1 piece of whole wheat toast.  I normally do not put anything on it - no spreads at all.  However, my friend in California makes the most WONDERFUL jam.  I am ordering the sugar free one they just came out.  Stay tuned for a blog and details so you can enjoy!.  I also eat a great portion of fruit.  On the weekend, when I have a little more time in the morning, I try to get protein in by eating an egg.  I am not an oatmeal person and I do not like milk.  Getting my dairy and grains in are so difficult and I struggle with that.

Mid morning I usually have a banana to help with my potassium.  That' about all I can tolerate because I am always full on just one piece of toast and fruit.

When I am working, I usually just have a sandwich for lunch with a healthy side of veggies or fruit.  I don't put dressing on my sandwich.  I always have a fresh slice of tomato on it and that acts as my spread in terms of not having such a dry sandwich.  Again, whole wheat break, low fat cheese (one slice) and turkey or chicken breast.  I always toast my sandwich to get the cheese to melt and then after I put on the tomato.  SO good.

By the time lunch is over, I can't even see or smell food because I am full.  When I get home, I cook a more substantial meal with usually chicken (hate fish), fresh vegetables or try to come up with something creative.  I try my hardest to get to at least 1000 calories this way, but it is still a struggle.

Anyway, that's the day in the life of food with Belviq!!