Saturday, August 3, 2013

Is Eating out challenging on Belviq?

Good Saturday evening everyone. Sorry my post is so late for a Saturday. I had a fun day which brings me to this particular blog post. So, one of my brother's birthday was this week. My dad and my other brother live about 2 hours away so we decided to meet 1/2 way for lunch. Most of my family is relatively thing, so picking places that are healthy are not as much as important to them as it is me! Then after that I spent the afternoon with a very good friend who was in town from Mississippi with her husband and mom - all who are like family to me. We went to dinner, and of course, you got to go where you know they would love to eat right? Hospitality? So as I anticipate both events this week, I become a bit nervous as to how I will handle temptation.

I try no to eat out much to avoid temptation.  Not that I feel any particular temptation or craving, I just like to eat freshly prepared home cooked foods.  The Kickstarter60 program helps me with more creative meals, outside of the box.  So the big question is, what am I to order???

For lunch today, I ordered the vegetable plate.  It was actually a rather easy choice.  I was surprised that I didn't even wander my eyes over to the "other side" (of the menu).  I stayed focused.  I was SHOCKED to learn that not only did it come with a salad, I had to chose 4 sides.  So, my sides were, green beans, broccoli, corn, and red beans and rice.  When I got my food, it was SOO MUCH food.  So, I hate a good majority of my salad (LOVE salads) and then I basically took a few bites of every vegetable so I could get a taste of everything.  There was enough there for 3 meals for me ha!  Belviq really keeps that fullness feeling and it is wonderful to not devour my entire plate.  

My brothers and dad had chips, queso, and salsa.  I did not eat one chip.  Honestly, I really wasn't interested.  GO BELVIQ!

For dinner, my friends wanted Seafood.  I ordered the shrimp salad and it was really good with the grilled shrimp on a fresh bed of lettuce and vegetables.  I did eat all of my shrimp, but once again, I couldn't eat all of my salad.

Other than spending a WONDERFUL day with great friends, the best part of the day was when this one guy, who doesn't know me from adam but knows my one friend, said, "you look hot" (I was in a cute dress that I haven't been able to wear in years).  Also, my dad said he really could tell I lost weight.  So, for once, it is my heart that is full!!

Remember - tomorrow is my day off from blogging.  See you all Monday in print! HA!