Thursday, August 8, 2013

Investor Village and Donations - THANK YOU

Yesterday was one of those days when I really felt the love and support by so many I have never met.  I continue to get words of encouragement.  I had two people who donated to me. With their donations I am able to get my next RX of Belviq that due soon as well as I have some towards September.  I am truly, thankful.  The RX is not covered by insurance and is pretty costly for my extremely tight budget.  But, if need be, I will sacrifice.  I have already tried trimming expenses to help.  The cost of eating healthier is more as well.  I am trying to buy as much organic, fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.  God is good and I really THANK BOTH of you for yesterday!!!!!  One guy is "Jake"  He's publically spoke about donating so I don't mind sharing his first name.  The 2nd guy hasn't been public so I will keep his name private out of respect.

As I have previously Stated, I can see where the traction is coming from to get to my website.  A lot of times, it's an investor type website.  I can click on the links and read what is said, but I am not able to post or anything.  This has been fun over the last few weeks to read - people I have never met talking about me!!

Last night, when I got home, I got an email from the administrator of one of the websites.  His name is Blue.  He set me up a user name and password.  Then, he told me someone paid for me to have a premium membership.  I was SHOCKED.  I am so happy because now I can go in and post replies directly and get my story out from my mouth (or hands).

The website is Investor Village -  Go check it out.  Specifically go to ARNA and that's where you will see all of the activity about Arena Pharmaceuticals and Belviq and ME!  :)


I'll do a normal posting later - I just wanted to take a few minutes to thanks these wonderful men!