Monday, August 26, 2013

How Ellie got her groove back!

Hello everyone.  HAPPY MONDAY!!

I have to say, I am OFFICIALLY over the hump that lead to a crappy 3 weeks.  I had a lot of suggestions for alternative methods for the water retention method.  I am drinking Dandeloin Root Tea - I have to say - I LOVE IT.  I am HAPPY.  I want to thank user binarybit1 on for the suggestion. 

Also, my abdomen doesn't seem to be so imflammed from my liver/digestive issue I was having.  FINALLY.  I blew up like a balloon even though I didn't gain weight.  It was so frustrating.  (I probably lost weight ha).  I knew I had results, but I looked horrible.

I have more energy again.  I have been feeling so lathargic over those weeks and this weekend I felt like I was getting my groove back.  I was able to get some things done I have put off because of stamina. 

Let this week ROCK and ROLL!  I can't wait until Friday - I woner where I will be.  I HOPE to lose 2 pounds.  I know, small number but remember what I just came from and you will understand.  I already have my doctors office and my bff Karen Mann ready for Friday morning for the official weigh in.  It will be my 10 week weigh in. 

I am still keeping my goal of 50 pounds by October 25th where it will be my 25th high school reuinion.  Now you all remember I was not the liked kid in school.  I had very few friends.  I have come a long way and so has my classmates.  I have befriended many over the years.  One specifically was the homecoming queen and fellow classmate, Ashley Martin.  She is the SWEETEST girl ever.   But, I had to tell her, I was coming to reclaim that crown because it belonged to me!!  By the way, I ADORE ADORE ADORE her mom, Mrs. Zellers.  Her mom was one of my most FAVORE teachers ever - and that says alot because I didn't ever speak highly of too many of the educators there.  Oh, there are a handful I love and they all know who they are. 

So, I have a poll set up  - Go answer it - I wanna know what you think?????