Monday, August 12, 2013

Doughnuts anyone?

Good Monday morning everyone!

One of my biggest weaknesses is Doughnuts.  On my way to work every day, I pass by several doughnut shops with 2 being really convenient.  But every day I just keep my car on the left lane so I can avoid that sudden right hand lane jerk my car tends to make.  This morning, as I was pulling out of the apartment complex, the staff at Camden Whispering Oaks Apartments had a table set up with these lovely little bags........

It's not like there is a left lane I can pull over to avoid them.  And, the staff had such a great awesome cheerful smile, who wouldn't want to pull over, have a doughnut and some juice and talk about the beautiful blue skies.  Every car in front and behind me stopped.  They took a picture and everyone seemed happy.  Me, on the other hand, like Scrooge at Christmas, I just waved as fast as I could and kept on driving.  Hey, at least I had my windows down!!!!  And yes, I could SMELL THE DOUGHNUTS!!

Actually, it wasn't really hard at all. Belviq has really curved my desire for sweets.  I can't tell you the last time I had something sweet or sugary.  Wait, yes I can!  It was June 20th - the day before I started Belviq!!!

I want to thank Mary and the gang at Camden Whispering Oaks for being thoughtful this morning to the residents.  Most importantly, they are following my blog so they totally understand why I wouldn't stop haha.

I hope everyone taking Belviq can appreciate the will power that Belviq will help you gain.  Really pay attention to it.  It gives you more motivation just realizing that for once, you are in control.

Have a fabulous day!!