Friday, August 9, 2013

Bevliq + KickStarter60

Good Friday Morning everyone!!!  I am so glad it is the end of the week FINALLY.  I won't be doing any posts over the weekend as I will be out of town.  So, you get a 2 day break from me!!  YAY!!!!

I officially it 30,000 Views on my blog.  That is NUTS but exciting.  I can't wait to hit 50,000 - Celebrate that and 50 pounds lost hopefully!!!

Today, my "virtual dietitian" through KickStarter60 did an online blog / short interview about how the program is working for me and my challenges.  As you all know, diet and exercise is EXTREMELY important when taking Belviq.  Belviq is not the simple fix alone.  If you aren't willing to change your diet, once you lose weight, you will gain it all back from the poor eating habits.

Many out there talk about Belviq + Phen combination.  I hear a lot about it.  But, I do not here where there is a dietary adjustment or change while on Belviq.  If you are like me, after years of eating bad (almost a lifetime), your brain is programmed for those exact foods.  So, it's important to partner up with either a Nutritionist and/or Dietitian to make sure you are getting the right foods in the right proportions.  Belviq can make your eating almost non-existent but that isn't the healthiest for your body - you still have to eat!

So, consider KickStarter60 as a compliment to Belviq.  Belviq + KickStarter60 will keep you on the right path to a healthier lifestyle.  Trust me, KickStarter60 is not expensive at all - VERY affordable.  Meal planning and daily emails to help you think about your eating options.  Plus, Mindy is so incredibly nice.  I think you would just love her! :)

Read the interview here:

At the top of my blog, you will see the KickStarter60 banner.  Just click on it and go to her website and check it out!