Friday, August 9, 2013


I have NO TOLERANCE for people making fun of others because of their weight!!!!!

So, there's an article about a woman in the local news that is being sought out because she punched a 1 year child in the face.  That's absolutely HORRIBLE.  She should be arrested and punished for that.  But if you bring up the article at  you will see a photo of her and she is obviously obese.  Scroll to the very bottom where people are making comments - turning this in all about her weight.  I can not stand idiots.  It's ok to be angry because of what she did, it's not ok to attack because she is obese.  I am HIGHLY offended and this really really upset me because I KNOW I receive a lot of jokes because of my weight.

Stop and think about me, ELLIE WENKER, next time you want to make a fat joke please!!