Thursday, August 8, 2013

All over the world with Belviq

I checked on my stats today and I always like look at the location from which my followers view my blog.  I have views from pretty much all over the world:  Norway, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Spain, Cayman Islands, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, India, Canada - that was just in the last day!  HA!  Wow, international following is really pretty awesome. 

Tomorrow I finish week 7.  Not a lot had really happened this week.  I go do my weigh in every 2 weeks so that will be next week.  A lot of people ask if I have a co-morbid condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure.  I don't actually have any of that.  I do have high cholesterol which I don't take medication for because I am stubborn.  So, hopefully next week I will get my cholesterol levels checked and hopefully with Belviq and my diet changes, they will have come down on their own.  If not, I will agree to take meds.  SO FINGERS CROSSED..........

I wanted to update on my blog about one of my Belviq followers who is taking Belviq herself.   Julie is one that had the same primary physician as I to prescribe Belviq.  That doctor flew the coup so we both were caught without a doctor.  I found one for both of us pretty quick.  She went to go get her RX today and is happy to announce that she has lost 15 pounds.  I am so proud of her!!!!  She lives in Houston as I do and hopefully one day we will get to meet in person!!!!  GOOOO JULIE!!!!

Have a great evening!!!!