Friday, August 2, 2013

6 week weigh in results

Are you ready?????  Here we are.  Starting weight was 293.  2 weeks ago I was at 275 at 18 pounds lost with belviq.  Today, I am at........well, watch for yourself!!

That's right folks, I met my weigh in goal to BE UNDER 270 pounds!!!!!!  I am at 269.8 (BARELY but we will take it) for a totally weight loss of 23.2 pounds.  But, it's really a little lower as you heard us talk about my dress .

We did confirm that the dress I am wearing, because of the material, weighed 1.5 pounds.   So technically, I am down to 268.3ish pounds for a total loss of 24.7 pounds but I couldn't video myself in the nude HAHA!

Actually, I am claiming the 24.7 pounds - rounding to 25 pounds.  We verified that the dress is heavy (ruffles made with extra fabric) and it was a poor choice on my end - next time I will know.

SO you can take the official or the unofficial.  I mean, by the end of the weekend I'd be at the 25 anyway hahahaha! 

For me, I met TWO of my goals:  1, under 270 and 25 pounds lost.  1/2 There to my bigger goal of 50 pounds.  I AM SOOOOO excited!!!!!  ALL in 6 WEEKS.