Friday, August 30, 2013

10 week weigh in! Did I meet my goal?

Hello Everyone,

Today was the day - I met with my peeps at the doctors office bright and early for my weigh in.  Unfortunately, my friend Karen had to run out to take her son to school.  Something about not being late ha!  So, Sammy stepped in to run the scale and of course Tammy is holding the phone to video.  So thanks to them for being helpful as always.

So the question is........ Did I meet my goal?  Let's watch and see..........

I have to say - go look at the first weigh in video and compare it to this one:  - can you not see the difference?  I was taken back and TOTALLY excited.  Other in my face, I can totally see the difference.  The only thing I seemed to have that double chin but it was the way I was leaning back and had my head titled ha! Hey, I was trying to see.  I need reading glasses LOL.

Anyway, 31 pounds down - I met my goal.  I am as happy as can be!!  I really thought I was pushing it to hit 30, but 31 - WOW.  My scale at home is exactly 3 pounds off from my doctors office scale.  I am going to maybe do my weigh in video monthly but probably start reportuing a weekly unofficial weigh in from home just to keep the momentum going!!

This is a holiday weekend.  That means I will be taking a holiday!  NO POSTING ha!  I deserve the break right? 

Oh, and.....#Belviq ROCKS!


PS - THANKS to the donations this month.  I will be picking up my September 1st Belviq.  YAY!!!