Tuesday, July 2, 2013

two more on Belviq with same results....

So excited, tomorrow (Wednesday) is my Friday.  I am off for 4 days for the holiday weekend.  I don't have a lot planned, well, actually, I kind of do....

I am going to sit down and make a menu for the next week or so and plan some good meals, etc.  I am also planning some pool time and walking time on the treadmill. 

On Sunday, I have some friends that might be coming over to grill by the pool.  That's going to be a challenge in terms of eating so I think I am going to make some yummy fruit/salad/veggie things maybe and tell them they can bring junk if they want it!!

I came across two more people that just started taking Belviq this week.  One at my doctors office - she said she noticed an immediate effect.  The only problem is that she was having some headaches - which is a side effect.  The other one was in the Belviq support group on facebook.  She started it yesterday and noticed the change in appetite immediately.

I'm telling you - this stuff works if you can get past the side effect.  I didn't have many myself so it was great for me. 

I have to say again though, Belviq is not a quick fix weight loss plan.  If you have no intentions on changing your eating habits, don't waste your time.  You really have to commit to a change.  That's what I am doing!!!

I didn't have anything exciting to eat today.  Just some left overs from Sunday. 

I want to thank everyone for your support.  Whether your support is because you know me and want this for me as bad as I do, or your support is because you are watching Belviq on the financial side, it doesn't matter to me.  I take whatever support I can get because I need it.  So, if the incentive for you is financial, you can push me just as those who are in it for me! 

Thanks again!!!!!